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Solar MD EMS Ai with new update - provides advanced functionality for C&I and Utility-scale systems

Solar MD EMS Ai Settings page for priority set up of energy sources

Solar MD EMSAi's latest update allows commercial and industrial EPCs to use the Solar MD technology in order to solve complex interactions between different energy sources.

Solar MD supports complex management between controllable devices such as PV grid-tie inverters, Battery chargers, PCSs in PQ mode or wind turbines as well as non-controllable devices such as energy meters (connected for grid import measurement) or PCS in VF or VSG mode (voltage source - generating grid), as well as adding in the mix Relay dry contact of the logger V2.

typical example for Peak-shaving application - grid limit 200kW

A typical example for complex energy mix is combining energy storage for a peak-shaving ( limiting the maximum grid import), energy arbitrage (discharging the battery when the tariff is expensive - peak tariff) with a renewable energy source such as PV or Wind generator.

Energy arbitrage
time table setting for energy arbitrage (energy shifting) takes into account min/max values and priorities

The system allows for a system engineer designing the system to be able easy to set up all the project requirements as well as add priorities for the energy source without plc programing for various parts of the control,

These mostly are expensive, take a long time to set up, and do not take into consideration all the parameters. this may lead to not using the system optimised.

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Denny Qin
Denny Qin
Jan 23, 2022


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