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Using Solar MD and Logger V2 relay controls

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Logger V2 interfaces
Logger V2 interfaces

While many users are using Logger V2 for standard monitoring and control of our energy storage products as well as inverter and meter monitoring, some users are more creative and implement significant energy management in their homes and factories via the relay function.

The main usage of this functionality

relay setting
set power limit on Logger V2 relay control

- system load decrease during load-shedding, for example switching off non-essential loads to increase the battery discharge time in the event of a power outage.

(the most significant example is an installation at Rembrand mall, where the relay is connected to a contactor and it turns off all the air conditioners in the shopping mall.

The relay functionality can be added also as an additional function of Solar MD EMSAi

- turning on loads based on battery state of charge

When the battery reaches 100%, and the Load is not enough to use all the PV, the system can export to the grid, or if not an option it throttles the PV to the load. this results in loss of revenue from the solar PV modules.

you can set easily the geyser or a pool pump, which are non-essential devices to start and take additional load which will increase the PV production.

Generator control with Logger V2

- turning on additional generators such as Diesel Generator

easily turn on and off generator based on the Battery State of Charge, Assure that the generator starts before your battery is completely depleted - this is widely used in off-grid environments.

The second relay could be configured as a manual on/off switch for multipurpose operations remotely via the mypower24 platform.

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