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New and upcoming projects


mypower24 mobile app coming soon

Your go-to app for monitoring power will be the mypower24 mobile app.

With the new dashboard designs and the ability to choose a device and view live charts,

Your monitoring experience will be enjoyable and profitable. 

Mypower24 features at your fingertips. 



New Dashboard coming soon

Untitled design (1).gif

You can fully customize the dashboard to meet your monitoring needs. From quickly finding information on a graph to viewing your financial benefits in one click.



SS4143 14,3kWh Advanced Lithium-Ion Battery

The SS4143 relies on lithium Iron-Phosphate battery for streamlined energy storage. You can use 1 to 6 batteries on the wall during the setup. The Solar MD 14.3kWh features different storage capacities according to user requirements. We can increase capacity through the parallel connection of the batteries. This will enable you to use from14.3kWh to 85.8kWh setup.



Solar MD’s Containerized Mini-grid solution is an advanced Lithium-Ion storage unit built into a customized 6m, air-conditioned container. We designed the unit to be fully scalable to meet your storage requirement. Storage size for a containerized solution can range from 103.6 kWh to 1.15 MWh per container. The SolarMD mini grid solutions will combine diesel power and/or storage with renewable power sources. This  presents the following advantages over those with a single power source.

Untitled design (1).gif
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