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Virgin Active Partners with Solar MD for Groundbreaking Battery Backup Rollout

Virgin Active, a leading fitness club chain in South Africa, has embarked on an ambitious initiative to enhance its energy resilience and sustainability by implementing battery backup systems across its gym facilities. Collaborating with Solar MD, a renowned sustainable technology company, Virgin Active aims to optimize its operations and reduce its carbon footprint. With consultants such as Power Partners and EPCs including Solar Synergi, Dorman Projects, Nuvo Energy, and Build Africa Energy, this rollout is set to revolutionize the fitness industry's approach to energy management.

Impressive Scale and Collaboration: The project entails the installation of battery backup systems in 86 Virgin Active gyms across South Africa, with a total installed capacity of 10MW and 20MWh. These cutting-edge battery solutions, provided by Solar MD, will provide reliable power backup during grid outages and contribute to the overall energy efficiency of the facilities. Notably, several gyms have already incorporated solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, further maximizing their renewable energy generation potential.

Solar MD battery
typical 150kW .300kWh installation. Curtesy of Sola Synergi

Testimonials from Key Players: Pierre Du Plessis, the Head of Maintenance and Engineering at Virgin Active, expressed his satisfaction with the project's success. He stated, "The implementation of Solar MD's battery systems has been a game-changer for our gyms. Not only does it ensure uninterrupted power supply during grid disruptions, but it also aligns with our commitment to sustainability. The partnership with Solar MD and their expert consultants has been invaluable in achieving our energy resilience goals."

Kaloyan Dimov, CEO of Solar MD, shared his excitement about the rollout, emphasizing the positive impact on both Virgin Active and the broader fitness industry. He stated, "Working with Virgin Active on this ambitious battery rollout has been an incredible journey. We believe that combining renewable energy solutions with advanced battery storage technology is the way forward. This project showcases the potential for the fitness industry to lead the way in adopting sustainable energy practices."

Successful Completion and Ongoing Progress: A significant portion of the gyms included in the project have already been completed, delivering reliable power and reducing dependence on the grid.

Over the next three months, the remaining gyms will be completed, solidifying Virgin Active's commitment to sustainable energy practices and positioning them as industry leaders in energy resilience.

With the expertise of Power Partners, Solar Synergi, Dorman Projects, Nuvo Energy, and Build Africa Energy, the rollout has been a resounding success. The project's impact extends beyond individual gyms, showcasing the potential for other fitness establishments to adopt renewable energy solutions. Virgin Active and Solar MD's joint efforts exemplify the possibilities of combining innovative technologies with a commitment to sustainability.

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