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It is all about Energy! Our logger V2 supports number of third party energy meters!

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Logger V2 Meter real-time measurement.

LoggerV2 is an interface device that combines smart functionality with greater flexibility for efficient monitoring and control. The device supports fully Solar MD's energy storage range but also a big number of energy meters.

The energy meters (such as the SMA e-meter and Carlo Gavazzi meter) can be combined with the energy mix to measure and control systems that a

re not supported by the logger V2 - for example, Renewables and Diesel Generators, Grid supply, or partial Loads.

There are three main use cases of meters with logger V2.

  1. Consumption measurement - the installation includes the logger v2 and a supported meter. The created graphs and real-time data supply sufficient information for the accurate design of a self-consumption energy source, such as PV, Wind, or Energy storage.

  2. Zero export limit - installation of renewable energy source combined with a supported energy meter and the logger V2 assures that the energy will not be exported to the grid and the supported renewable energy inverter will be throttled to match the load. This option can be used for the integration of diesel generators and PV.

  3. Solar MD EMSAi - a full integration between grid, battery energy storage systems, renewable energy storage, and conventional generators. The Solar MD EMSAi allows full support of the most used energy storage models like Peak shaving, Energy Arbitrage (shifting), self-consumption optimization, with or without PV.

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Kaloyan Dimov
Kaloyan Dimov
Jan 28, 2022


Can you assist with replacement Solar MD Logger V2 units?

Replying to

Good Day Adriaan, please contact our support department regarding this at

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