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What is an Energy Management System(EMS) and why do you need myPower24?

Analysing data is the simple process of obtaining, filtering and modelling data with the goal of discovering useful information which will allow you to make informed decisions. A cloud based Energy Management System(EMS) is a form of data collection allowing you to make informed decisions to improve system efficiency and energy management for your organisation or your home.

Efficient energy use is the solution to the world's constant growth in energy requirements. Energy management starts with switching off unused lights and appliances but the process plays various roles in areas like company operations, machine maintenance and management. This is applicable not only to large corporations and businesses but also in our daily lives at home.

Solar MD’s myPower24 is a powerful EMS platform which allows you to remotely manage complex system designs, developed with our highly advanced AI, provided to you at no additional cost with the installation of the Solar MD Logger V2.

The optimization of energy use for the best possible outcomes and taking steps for its conservation, is the main objective, which saves costs but also adds to the achievement of environmental sustainability.

On a commercial scale, an EMS involves a reduction in energy usage without compromising production or the quality of work. Industrial processes will involve machinery with electric motors that operate on inefficient currents of power. Various steps can be taken to reduce these inefficient currents, enhancing the power factor in your factory and in return reducing energy costs and eliminating energy waste.

An EMS will indicate room for improvement and can identify long-term goals for your company. You will be able to track progress in your mission to continuously reduce operating costs which will improve profit margins. A carbon neutral world is the main objective and can only be achieved by various factors including effective energy management.

The combination of PV Power plants and large scale batteries are used for effective load management. Services to be utilised include peak-shaving and grid service such as frequency shifting and power factor correction.

On a residential scale, energy management is achieved by switching higher current drawing items like a geyser and your stove to gas as well as fitting LED globes. Solar powered homes reduce loads to the grid during the day. Solar power is used to charge a battery to be used in peak times and effectively recharged with grid power in off-peak times if needed. A correctly sized system will effectively reduce dependency from the grid entirely as self-consumption optimization(SCO). This also reduces carbon emissions even further.

An effective, cloud based EMS allows for real-time data analysis anywhere in the world beyond an invoice from a service provider without spending copious amounts of time filtering through data to achieve your goal in reducing operational costs and aid to a sustainable and carbon neutral planet.

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