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Uganda's first interconnected mini-grid in Kiwumu.

Sustainable Solar commissioned Uganda's first interconnected mini-grid in Kiwumu. In 2020, a coalition of energy companies launched an integrated clean energy pilot to test new ways of accelerating energy access, stimulation customer demand and improving grid performance in Uganda. The coalition known as Utilities 2.0 led by PowerforAll named the pilot program "Twaake" (meaning "Let's light" in Luganda). The project aims to demonstrate how energy access promotes economic grwoth and can improve the quality of life for communities.

SustainSolar worked with Equatorial Power and supplied the turn-key, containerized Sustain Extended 40 kwp Solar Pv mini-grid fitted with its standard SMA Sunny Island inverters and SolarMD's lithium-ion batteries. As a test of grid integration, the Twaake pilot project combines the use of centralized and decentralized solutions to provide reliable, affordable, and clean power for rural communities. The deployed system will power 300 households and 60 local bussinesses.

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