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Energy Partners Power Installs Backup Solutions for Cape Town Office

Installation at EP offices in Cape Town

Energy Partners Power, a leading provider of renewable energy solutions in Africa, has recently installed backup solutions for its Cape Town office. In light of the frequent load-shedding events in South Africa, Energy Partners Power has taken proactive measures to ensure the seamless continuation of its essential services.

Installed by: BGR industries

The company's commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency is evident in their choice of backup solutions.

The backup solutions installed at Energy Partners Power's Cape Town office consist of 6 x 14.3 kWh SS4143 Solar MD batteries. The total capacity of these batteries exceeds 86 kWh, providing the necessary backup power for essential services during up to 4 hours of load-shedding. The Solar MD batteries are designed to provide a reliable and cost-effective energy storage solution, utilizing state-of-the-art lithium-ion technology.

With this new installation, Energy Partners Power can continue its operations without any disruptions, even during periods of load-shedding. This not only ensures business continuity but also provides peace of mind to employees and clients. Energy Partners Power has demonstrated its commitment to providing sustainable and reliable energy solutions, both for its own operations and for its clients.

Backup solutions that enhance the aesthetic of Energy Partners Power's modern office spaces.

The installation of these backup solutions is a testament to Energy Partners Power's commitment to providing world-class energy solutions. The company's investment in its own infrastructure is a demonstration of its commitment to sustainability and its belief in the potential of renewable energy solutions.

In conclusion, Energy Partners Power has once again proven its dedication to providing sustainable and reliable energy solutions. The installation of backup solutions in its Cape Town office is just one example of the company's commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability. With the ongoing energy challenges in South Africa, Energy Partners Power's investment in renewable energy solutions will continue to provide value to its clients and the broader community.

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