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Containerised Industrial and Utility Scale BESS Technology

720kWh Solar MD Energy storage system in a container with 250kW PCS
Zander Kotze in front of EP BESS 720kWh 250kW

"INTELLIGENT" containerised Industrial and Utility-scale HV Battery Energy Storage Technology that unlocks a new world of possibilities brought to you by Energy Partners Power and Solar MD Pty Ltd.

I am incredibly proud and honored to be part of this extraordinary team that has developed this next generation in #BESS applications.

Special thanks to Kaloyan Dimov, Charl du Plessis, the entire Energy Partners Power, and Solar MD Pty Ltd teams that have filled yet another container not only with incredible technology but also with passion and dedication.

This system boasts an incredible warranted life span exceeding 6000 cycles at 100% DOD thanks to the world Leading Lithium Cells #1 and the multi-tiered redundant BMS(Battery management system) and BMU(Battery management unit) network managing this beast.

This specific one has 140 x BMS controllers monitoring every single Cell and 10 x BMU modules for data consolidation, protection, Inverter integration, communication, and modular fault isolation capabilities which only isolates the ZK/SS rack module where the fault was detected and leaves the system still fully operational at 90% of the original installed Capacity, redundancy at this level is truly a beautiful thing and modules in the event of maintenance or fault can be replaced live without the need for system shutdown ensuring downtime is all but eliminated.

Typical summarized cluster information for 720kWh
2240 100Ah CATL cells summarized information

Each and every Cell is individually monitored, controlled, and in this case, balanced to a threshold of only 3mV (3 one thousand of a Volt) across the entire storage bank, this gives the user complete transparency, insight, and control to ensure optimal functionality and performance of the Batteries and remarkably also most Premium PCS and HPS inverter technologies which are fully integrated and programmable from anywhere in the world where there is Internet connectivity.

I am looking forward to many more Megawatts with this Rockstar team and their Rockstar Technology!!!

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