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Sinexcel and Solar MD HV Battery: Empowering Sustainability at Paul Clüver Wines

The Restaurant @ Paul Clüver

Paul Clüver Wines, a fourth-generation family business known for its exceptional wines and commitment to sustainability, has taken a significant leap towards renewable energy integration. Collaborating with Valey Electrical, a trusted provider of renewable energy solutions, the winery has successfully installed a state-of-the-art Sinexcel hybrid inverter and Solar MD HV battery system. This cutting-edge combination not only enables efficient power generation and storage but also incorporates live monitoring and control features through Solar MD's Logger V2 and the energy management platform, mypower24. Let's delve into the details of this remarkable installation and the transformative impact it has brought to the Winery.

Paul Clüver Wines: A Legacy of Excellence:

With more than 120 years of farming history in the Elgin Valley, Paul Clüver Winery has played a pioneering role in establishing the region as a premium wine-growing area. Guided by their commitment to producing world-class wines while prioritizing environmental and community stewardship, the winery has set an exemplary standard in the industry. Their dedication to sustainable practices and the preservation of the unique valley ecosystem makes them an ideal candidate for embracing renewable energy solutions.

100kW 228kWh installation, courtesy of Valey Electrical

The Sinexcel Hybrid Inverter: Powering Efficiency and Control:

At the core of the installation lies the Sinexcel hybrid inverter, a cutting-edge device that seamlessly integrates solar power generation with grid connectivity. This intelligent inverter optimizes energy conversion, ensuring efficient utilization of solar energy for powering the winery's operations. With live monitoring and control capabilities, enabled through Solar MD's Logger V2 and mypower24 platform, Paul Clüver Winery gains real-time insights into their energy production, consumption, and system performance. This empowers them to make informed decisions, further optimize energy usage, and achieve greater energy efficiency.

Solar MD HV Battery: Reliable Energy Storage:

Complementing the Sinexcel hybrid inverter is the robust Solar MD HV battery system, providing reliable energy storage for Paul Clüver Wines. The high-capacity battery banks allow the winery to store excess solar energy during the day and utilize it during periods of high demand or when sunlight is limited. This not only ensures a constant and uninterrupted power supply but also reduces dependence on the grid, promoting energy self-sufficiency and resilience. The integration of the Solar MD HV battery with the hybrid inverter offers seamless coordination and control, maximizing the benefits of both technologies.

Live Monitoring and Control with Logger V2 and mypower24:

The installation at Paul Clüver Winery incorporates Solar MD's Logger V2 and the mypower24 energy management platform, taking the system's capabilities to new heights. Logger V2 enables real-time monitoring of the entire energy system, providing comprehensive data on energy production, consumption, and battery status. Coupled with the mypower24 platform, the winery gains intuitive control over their energy usage, allowing them to optimize energy flows and make informed decisions to achieve maximum efficiency. This level of monitoring and control ensures that Paul Clüver Winery can fine-tune their energy management strategies and maximize their renewable energy utilization.

A Testament to Sustainability and Innovation:

The successful installation of the Sinexcel hybrid inverter and Solar MD HV battery system at Paul Clüver Winery exemplifies their unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation. By embracing renewable energy technologies and integrating live monitoring and control features, the winery strengthens its position as a leader in sustainable winemaking. This installation serves as an inspiration for other wineries and businesses to adopt similar solutions, fostering a greener and more resilient future for the industry.

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