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SustainSolar powers 5 Health Clinics with Solar MD energy storage based turnkey solution SUSTAINBOX™

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Delivery of the first SUSTAINBOX™ takes place

SustainSolar is excited to introduce our latest battery storage product: the #SUSTAINBOX™, which is a free-standing turn-key cabinet, integrated with a #Sunsynk hybrid inverter and Solar MD Pty Ltd LFP batteries. The SUSTAINBOX™ is pre-wired and configured for true plug-and-play AC/ DC integration; ideal for various storage applications such as UPS and back-up, PV self-consumption optimization, and off-grid such as the electrification of rural health clinics across the continent.

The SUSTAINBOX™ can be disassembled in two halves for ease of transportation and installation. Its capacity varies up to 10 or 12 kW for the inverter and up to 30 kWh battery storage.

Our first order of five boxes was successfully completed, and is currently en route to Uganda as part of the electrification of five health clinics to support maternal and child health (MCH) services in partnership with Equatorial Power Ltd. and funded by USAID/Power Africa: previously announced here-

The SUSTAINBOX™ was successfully launched last month at SolarMD’s end-of-year function and we are excited about the future market uptake based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback received. Contact us via to receive more information about the SUSTAINBOX™.

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