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BMS EX will communicate directly with our approved inverter Brands

BMS EX of Solar MD SS4037 connected directly SMA Sunny Island inverter

In the last months, the increase in the demand for Solar MD Energy storage products and the development of sophisticated Energy Management systems resulted in a massive backlog in our Logger V2 production.

Currently, every installation with Solar MD energy storage requires Logger V2 for communication with the inverter systems as well as monitoring values like cell voltage, current flow, state of charge, and even the data coming from inverters as well as energy meters.

The new development allows cost saving by using directly BMS EX to communicate with the inverter ( BMS Firmware Revision 170)

The new cluster technology allows batteries connected in parallel to build a cluster and the Master battery communicates the maximum charge and discharge values to the inverter (max charge voltage, max charge and discharge current, and maximum discharge voltage. For some inverters, it communicates additional information like temperature and minimum and maximum cell voltage.

Rollout on FW 170 is expected with all SS4143 batteries from the first of February 2022. Additional firmware updates would require logger v2 on-site in order to update BMS EX batteries.

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Denny Qin
Denny Qin
09. Jan. 2022

well done! cost saving for customers!

Gefällt mir

Kostadin Petkov
Kostadin Petkov
08. Jan. 2022

This is awesome, thanks guys!

Gefällt mir
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